PROJECTS 2008 - 2017

Body Languange Decoded - Nominated in Best Documentary Category, 2018 Screen Nova Scotia Awards

Originally completed in early 2017 for CBC’s the Nature of Things, Body Language Decoded (international version) gets its theatrical premier on September 17 at The Atlantic Film Festival. The documentary takes the viewer inside the intriguing world of non-verbal communication. On every continent and in every ethnicity, expressions of emotions such as happiness, surprise, anger and fear are universally recognized. These expressions are hard-wired into our facial muscles for reasons that have everything to do with human evolution and survival of the species. To the trained observer, more is revealed by studying the way people move than by listening to what people actually say. The documentary was written and directed by Geoff D’Eon. Produced by Edward Peill. Cinematographers: Wade Cornell and Kevin Fraser; Edited by Warren Jefferies. Score: Asif Illyas. Online: 902 Post; Audio Mix: The Hideout Studios. To watch trailer click HERE .

Bluenose: The Legend Lives

Bluenose: The Legend Lives is a unique and entertaining documentary about Nova Scotia’s most iconic vessel. With the launch of the beautifully rebuilt Bluenose II, the moment is right to re-tell the story of a schooner that captured the world’s attention almost 100 years ago. The show is a mix of historical context, compelling story-telling, spectacular visuals and musical gems by Bruce Guthro, Joel and Bill Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Fiona MacGillivray, Shannon Quinn, and The Eastern Belles. Program aired on CBC Television August 27 2016, and is an official selection at the 2016 Lunenburg Documentary Festival. Produced by Saltwind Productions (Brookes Diamond Productions).



Forever Young
A new documentary for CBC Television airing 2015/16

Death is the ultimate insult to the scientific mind. While science, technology, and medicine have advanced in leaps and bounds during the past century, humans have still not cracked the most elemental challenge of all: how to overcome our mortality and live for hundreds of years. Forever Young explores the age-old pursuit of increasing human longevity and reveals where our quest for immortality could eventually take us. Forever Young gets its world broadcast premiere on CBC Television’s FIRST HAND on November 5 2015.

The documentary was shot on locations in the UK, Germany, Sardinia, the USA, Okinawa and Canada. It was directed and written by Pilot Light’s Geoff D’Eon, and produced by Halifax-based Tell Tale Productions. Cinematographer was Wade Cornell, editor was Warren Jeffries. Post production was completed in Halifax NS by 902 Post and The Hideout Studios. The score was composed and performed by Asif and Shehab Illyas at The Shire.

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“ A terrific doc… utterly intriguing on many levels.” John Doyle, TV Critic, Globe and Mail.
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Bounty: Into The Hurricane
New documentary Fall 2014 - Written and Directed by Geoff D'Eon

The sinking of The Bounty in Hurricane Sandy remains an enigma for some, a scandal for others, and a tragedy for most. Why was the ageing wooden vessel out at sea during one of the worst storms to hit the Atlantic seaboard in a generation? Bounty: Into The Hurricane will reveal much: from her building and launch in Lunenburg N.S., to her 50-year struggle to pay her way as a moored attraction and movie star, to her final fateful journey in October 2012. Shot on location in Halifax NS, Elizabeth City NC, and Baltimore MD. Produced by Tell Tale Productions, this documentary aired on CBC TV Maritimes on August 1st 2014. Future national broadcasts to follow, including on CBC's documentary channel.


"A compelling hour, paced liked a thriller…" - Halifax Herald

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‘Trek Of The Titans’ for The Nature of Things

A documentary special from Tell Tale Productions, directed by Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason. The documentary sheds light on the incredible ocean treks undertaken annually by leatherback turtles, from their feeding grounds off Cape Breton Island, all the way to the warm nesting beaches of Trinidad. Pilot Light was engaged to provide narration editing for series host David Suzuki. Aired on CBC television in January 2014. For more, click here

CBC DocZone

Zoo Revolution - Official Selection 2013 Atlantic Film Festival

More and more, zoos are finding themselves the subject of organized opposition. Some people argue that zoos are inherently cruel, and should be abolished. Others argue that zoos serve a very real educational purpose, and at the same time represent the best hope for survival of thousand of the earth's species. What's a good zoo to do? Zoo Revolution explores the debate. The documentary was shot in Germany, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. The world premiere was at The 2013 Atlantic Film Festival. It was first broadcast on CBC Television in October 2013, and will be repeated in 2014. Directed and written by Geoff D’Eon. Produced by Dream Street Pictures.

“Terrific… thought-provoking.” Globe and Mail

“Full of gorgeous shots of unbelievably cute animals.” Halifax Herald

“It's a concise and clever look at the conundrum of modern zoos, presenting arguments both for and against.” Arts Blog: Flaw in The Iris

“Presents a complex and often emotional set of issues in a fair and balanced way.” Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums

"An excellent documentary." Zoocheck Canada.

ZOO REVOLUTION kicks off 2013/2014 Season of Doc Zone.
Zoo Revolution was selected by CBC television to launch the current season of Doc Zone, Thursday October 3rd 2013. Check broadcast schedules for repeat broadcasts in 2014.
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CBC DocZone


Counterfeit Culture has won the prestigious One World Award, presented by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers, a global organization dedicated to film production company owners in 45 countries. Director Geoff D’Eon was on hand when the award was given out at the organization’s annual event in Montreal on September 25th 2013. The One World Award is given to “a film that best represents the promotion of international cooperation and global understanding.” For more, click here:

On April 22nd 2013, Producer Edward Peill and Director Geoff D’Eon were invited to present the film at the U.S. State Department in Washington DC, where they both participated in a panel discussion about the dangers of international counterfeiting.

Consider for a moment anything manufactured and sold: DVDs, electronics, fashion accessories, automobile parts, computer components, telephones, batteries, medicines. The chances are you can get a cut-price counterfeit copy without much difficulty. That's a choice you could make. It happens literally hundreds of millions of times a day, all over the world. But sometimes, you will buy a fake unknowingly, and the consequences can be dangerous - or even deadly. Counterfeit Culture was shot in 2012 in North America, the UK, France, Switzerland and China. The documentary has aired several times on CBC Television and CBC News Network, and is now being sold internationally. It is available in the USA on Hulu. Produced by Tell Tale Productions.



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CBC Land And Sea

Shipbuilding In The Maritimes - This half-hour documentary explores the cultural, social and financial legacy of what was once one of Canada's most vibrant and profitable industries: the building of ships in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick. Shooting in October 2012 for broadcast in the 2012/13 season of CBC's Land and Sea. Director is Geoff D'Eon, working with Tell Tale Productions.


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Pirates and Privateers - Airing Sunday March 4th at noon, on CBC Television. Tales of piracy in the waters of Nova Scotia. And the colourful history of privateering - a legalized form of high-seas plundering in the 18th and 19th centuries. Working with Tell Tale Productions.


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Concordia: Tall Ship Down' - a remarkable story of disaster and survival on the high seas.


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Viewer response: "...Beautiful piece!.." "... a great story, well- told. I had a tear in my eye."


'Algae - Green Fuel' - the story of how algae represents one of the planet's most promising alternates to fossil fuel. Airdate: January 9th 2011.
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The Songs of Gene MacLellan - a two-hour live concert to be presented in January 2012 in Charlottetown PEI, taped for television broadcast. This event, the kick-off for PEI Music Week, is a tribute to one of Canada's finest songwriters, the incomparable Gene MacLellan (Snowbird, Put Your Hand In The Hand). The concert stars Ron Hynes, Lennie Gallant, Catherine MacLellan, Meaghan Blanchard, and a host of superb musicians from PEI.

Working in collaboration with Music PEI (Rob Oakie, Exec Director).


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CBC DocZone

Facebook Follies is an engaging look at how social media is changing the way people communicate. It also portrays the unexpected consequences that can follow Facebook postings - days, weeks, or even years later. The documentary was shot in early 2011 on location in Canada, the USA and the UK. Facebook Follies was written and directed by Pilot Light President Geoff D'Eon. The Producer is Edward Peill, of Tell Tale Productions.

“Four stars. This is a great documentary… Facebook Follies takes a bold look at the impact of online behaviours.” –

"Highly recommended. Exceptionally well-written and produced, Facebook Follies offers valuable insight into the changing nature of human communication in the context of social networks.“ - Educational Media Reviews Online

"An entertaining yet chilling study of what these new technologies can mean for a hopelessly social species like humans.” - Anthropology Review

"D'Eon is curious about what prompts successful, sensible, educated and well-informed people - adults, in other words - to post sensitive information on their Facebook pages. The idea is not to alarm Face-book users, but to persuade people to slow down, think and then think again about posting information that almost anyone can see." - Alex Strachan, Postmedia News

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Canada Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Canada Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies - February 2011.
Pilot Light was the key Nova Scotia creative consultant at these two
prestigious events, working with show producers PRP (Vancouver). Televised by TSN.
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Introducing Johnny Reid - live concert DVD shot at the Halifax Metro Centre,
November 24th 2010. For broadcast on PBS and CMT in 2011.

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CBC Television Network - 2009 Ha!ifax Comedy Fest - six episodes delivered airing Jan/Feb 2010

Produced live stage show at Atlantic Canada House, Vancouver BC
during the 2010 Winter Olympics

February 2010. Produced Benefit Concert's opening video.
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Gaelic music segment shot on location in Halifax for BBC Scotland New Year's Eve show.

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