Ha!ifax ComedyFest renewed by CBC for 2018

Pilot Light is pleased to announce that CBC has ordered 6 x 30 episodes to be taped at the 2018 Ha!ifax ComedyFest at locations around the city. This will mark the tenth straight year of collaboration on the festival with PEG Entertainment. Series producer is Moya Walsh; editor is Alan MacLean. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
For previous seasons and Ha! excerpts, click here.



Bounty - The Book

Geoff DíEon is completing a book to be published in 2018 on the subject of the tall ship Bounty. The book will tell the story of the 18th century British Navy ship, HMS Bounty, and the famous mutiny popularized in books and film (see Mutiny On The Bounty); the building of the replica for MGM in 1960 in Lunenburg NS; the troubled history of the replica culminating in her dramatic sinking and loss of life during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The book stems from the award-winning 2014 documentary Bounty: Into The Hurricane (Tell Tale Productions). The 2018 book wil be published by Formac Publishing.

Body Languange Decoded - official selection at the 2017 Atlantic Film Festival

Originally completed in early 2017 for CBCís the Nature of Things, Body Language Decoded (international version) gets its theatrical premier on September 17 at The Atlantic Film Festival. The documentary takes the viewer inside the intriguing world of non-verbal communication. On every continent and in every ethnicity, expressions of emotions such as happiness, surprise, anger and fear are universally recognized. These expressions are hard-wired into our facial muscles for reasons that have everything to do with human evolution and survival of the species. To the trained observer, more is revealed by studying the way people move than by listening to what people actually say. The documentary was written and directed by Geoff DíEon. Produced by Edward Peill. Cinematographers: Wade Cornell and Kevin Fraser; Edited by Warren Jefferies. Score: Asif Illyas. Online: 902 Post; Audio Mix: The Hideout Studios. To watch trailer click HERE .