Ha!ifax ComedyFest renewed by CBC for 2016

Pilot Light is delighted to announce that CBC has ordered 6 x 30 episodes to be taped at the 2016 Ha!ifax ComedyFest, April 27 - 30 at locations around the city. This will mark the eigth straight year of collaboration on the festival with PEG Entertainment. Series producer is Moya Walsh (formerly with CBC Television); editor is Alan MacLean. A digital component has also been ordered by cbc.ca.
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Forever Young
A new documentary for CBC Television airing 2015/16

Death is the ultimate insult to the scientific mind. While science, technology, and medicine have advanced in leaps and bounds during the past century, humans have still not cracked the most elemental challenge of all: how to overcome our mortality and live for hundreds of years. Forever Young explores the age-old pursuit of increasing human longevity and reveals where our quest for immortality could eventually take us. Forever Young gets its world broadcast premiere on CBC Television’s FIRST HAND on November 5 2015.

The documentary was shot on locations in the UK, Germany, Sardinia, the USA, Okinawa and Canada. It was directed and written by Pilot Light’s Geoff D’Eon, and produced by Halifax-based Tell Tale Productions. Cinematographer was Wade Cornell, editor was Warren Jeffries. Post production was completed in Halifax NS by 902 Post and The Hideout Studios. The score was composed and performed by Asif and Shehab Illyas at The Shire.

For more see: www.cbc.ca/firsthand/episodes/forever-young
And also: www.facebook.com/ForeverYoungDoc

“ A terrific doc… utterly intriguing on many levels.” John Doyle, TV Critic, Globe and Mail.
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